We are asked a lot of industry-related questions here at ACTOOLSOURCE, and we’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions here so that hopefully you will find the solutions to any concerns or issues you may have with the products we service.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

ACTOOLSOURCE is a manufacturers representative agency. Our responsibility is to be the direct line of contact between our customers and the manufacturer. We are committed to being visible in the Canadian marketplace through trade shows, counter days, direct education to the customer, as well as being available to answer any and all question related to the lines we represent.

2. What territory do you cover?

ACTOOLSOURCE represents our 5 manufacturers across all of Canada.

3. If I need to have my Yellow Jacket equipment serviced, how long will I be without it?

Our service technicians strive to have your tool serviced and on its way back to you within 3 business days of it arriving at our facility.

4. Is there a cost to inspect my equipment?

Inspections are completed at no expense. A detailed cost of repair, including parts and labour, is provided before service is completed.

5. Where can I bring my Yellow Jacket tool to have it serviced?

Any authorized Yellow Jacket distributor will ship directly to us for service. ACTOOLSOURCE is the only authorized Yellow Jacket repair facility in Canada.