Yellow Jacket HVAC

For over 60 years, Yellow Jacket has been the leading manufacturer of ac/r service tools. Available through authorized wholesale distributors, Yellow Jacket is the industry standard in terms of reliability, durability, service and value.

Refrigerant Services Inc

Established in Dartmouth, NS in 1993, RSI is Canada’s first refrigerant reclamation facility. RSI have developed a number of patented and patent pending technologies for the reprocessing of refrigerants. RSI produce a range of refrigerants for the environmentally conscious user.

Refrigeration Technologies

When there is demand for an  HVAC/R chemical that is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved without hazardous ingredients, Food Grade/Non Toxic, EPA/VOC compliant, Odorless, Biodegradable or Non Flammable, Refrigeration Technologies have the answer.

Cool Air Products

Cool Air Products  was founded with the concept of manufacturing revolutionary products that serve markets globally.  The focus is on the customer, and the company thrives on providing supreme customer service, reacting quickly, and introducing innovation.  The owners have over 50 years of experience in the HVAC, plumbing, and wholesale distribution markets.

KROIL Lubricant

KROIL, a renowned brand in industrial maintenance, specializes in producing high-performance penetrating oils. With a legacy spanning over a century, KROIL has earned its reputation as a trusted solution for breaking through rust, corrosion, and stubborn mechanical bonds. Its unique formulation enables swift penetration into tight spaces, facilitating the loosening of seized parts with remarkable efficiency. Widely used in diverse sectors ranging from automotive and aerospace to manufacturing and marine, KROIL exemplifies innovation and reliability in the realm of industrial lubricants, ensuring smoother operations and prolonged equipment lifespan for its clientele.

ACTOOLSOURCE, a manufacturer’s representative agency located in Kingston, Ontario, servicing the Canadian market.

We are committed to educating HVAC/R trade professionals through WD shows, contractor meetings, and trade school seminars. We work exclusively with a select number of respected manufacturers, ensuring both the distributor and trade professional have immediate access to a full line of quality service products.

At ACTOOLSOURCE we have a vested interest in your satisfaction of the products we represent. Service of the products, both in and out of warranty, is performed in house by ACTOOLSOURCE trained technicians.

Viper WetRag

Viper WetRag

Viper WetRag Reusable Heat Blocking Putty Protects surfaces, valves, and other sensitive parts from heat damage Blocks direct and conductive heat transfer No mess formula Use with Map/Pro, Oxy/Acetylene, Mig, Tig, Arc, and propane torches Non-Toxic    ...

RS44 / R424A replacement for all R22 a/c systems

RS44 / R424A replacement for all R22 a/c systems

RS44 / R424A is an ideal drop-in replacement of R22 in new and existing commercial or industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. There is no need to use expensive and hygroscopic synthetic lubricants, avoiding the risk of moisture ingress into the system....