Magnetic Hook (61193)
When You Need an Extra Hand!

Every job site presents unique challenges. Finding a place to hang your gauges should not be one of them. The Magnetic Hook 61193 provides convenience and simplicity for hanging manifold gauges and other HVAC/R tools from any ferrous metal surface. The industrial strength neodymium magnet can hold up to 65 lbs and the hook swivels up and down and rotates 360° for flexibility in any situation. You no longer need to worry about scratching the system sheetmetal or deforming the grills/grates with your manifold hook. The magnet also has a rubber backer that prevents surface scratches. This is a simple, low-cost solution to protect your valuable equipment at every job site.

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  • Holds up to 65 lbs (30 kg)
  • Hook swivels up and down and rotates 360°
  • Rubber backer prevents surface scratches
61193 Magnetic Hook