NYLOG BLUE Gasket/thread sealant Compatible with all refrigerants (24 x 2) 30ml



Nylog Blue is an elastic fluid made from synthetic refrigeration grade compressor oil. Nylog Blue is fully miscible and compatible with all system refrigerants and oils. Gaskets coated with Nylog will never dry or become heat fixed to the surface. Threaded connections coated with Nylog will block high pressure leaks by forming a hydraulic seal. Nylog can be used an assembly lube when installing shaft seals, o-rings, schraeder valves, ball valves, or other internal system components.

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Product Documents


PDF Safety Data Sheet
PDF Product Flyer
PDF Product Bulletin
PDF Leak Test Data
PDF Technical Data Sheet
PDF Product Label
PDF Oil Compatibility
PDF Sealed Tube Test
PDF Application Chart
PDF NSF Registration
PDF Kosher Certification
PDF SB – 258

How to use:

  1. Turn off or disconnect all power
  2. Apply Nylog to gaskets, threads, or use as an assembly lube
  3. Tighten connections
  4. All Done!